Clinical Archivist

Clinical Archivist 0.72

Electronic Medical Records (EMR/EHR) program.

Electronic Health Records software (EMR/EHR) for easy management of the patient medical information.

Electronic Medical Records software (EMR / EHR) for easy and speedy management of the patient medical records. With this software you have complete control over the medical records since all the medical records are being stored on your computer.

*EMR/EHR capabilities.

*No internet connection is required since all your data are stored on your computer.

*Reporting features.

*Customizable data templates speed up your day to day activities.

*Customizable presets for common data input.

*Backup/Restore functionality.

*Automatic backup.

*Multi-access level/Permission.

*Can be used across multiple computers in the same network.

*Multi-language support (English and Arabic).

Clinical Archivist


Clinical Archivist 0.72

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